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'Crazy' Luke Graham, Jr.


Hometown: Stone Mountain, GA.
Height: 6'0
Weight: 245 lbs.

"The Crazy One" is one of the most active independent wrestlers in the southern U.S. today. Normally recognized as a fan favorite, with candy, glitter, off the wall wrestling style and shenanigans, he quickly gains the admiration of all in attendance. However, when the suppressed side of his personality takes over, he decides it is time to break the rules ... he REALLY is CRAZY ... like a fox ... turning the ring into his own private war zone and becoming one of the most unorthodox wrestlers around!!! As a Rule breaker, Luke is without equal in the ring ... resorting to breaking EVERY rule in the book ... and the use of the TAPED THUMB!! You can see Luke's bi-polar personality and sanity wax and wane as each side fights for control ! He has been known to have fans slap him across the face, hit himself over the head with a chair, and talk to unseen people in an attempt to unleash what is needed for victory in the ring. At times his confusion has resulted in his coming to the ring and tagging in his opponent instead of taking a different corner!!!!

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